Adam Rowstron – Paramedic Impersonator & Saboteur at AEM Training & Consultancy

Adam Rowstron AEM Training


Sabotage by Adam Rowstron of AEM Training & Consultancy

On Good Friday of this year, Adam Rowstron took it upon himself to sabotage our popular community page by changing the title to expletives which broke Facebook guidelines and was consequently taken down by Facebook.

He volunteered to assist with moderating the community page but as time went on, he had difficulty following basic instructions and consequently, his illusions of grandeur were severely dented and then began suffering from a bruised ego.

He and his cohorts then went on to create a replica of our community page, even going to the extent of stealing our images and using the exact same name out of spite and to deceive existing members that the replica page was authentic.

After spending years developing these platforms and spending money out of my pocket to market them, it seems Adam Rowstron wasn’t going to have any of it and with the selfish nature that embodies Adam Rowstron, he went out of his way to destroy it.

Since that time, he and his cohorts have decided to change the name and remove all the stolen images taken from our community page. The evidence of that is still available but ignorance is bliss.

For all you budding Facebook community creators out there who have assigned individuals as Admins in your groups, remember that there’s always a prat waiting to happen which in this case was Adam Rowstron, although I get the impression that this characteristic is a permanent fixture in his genetics.

Adam Rowstron & Paramedic Imposter Syndrome

In case you’re wondering, there is such a thing called imposter syndrome and it’s clear that this reprobate is suffering from it.

Over the time he was assisting with the community and touting himself as a paramedic on a regular basis, community members became afraid to comment about anything related to medical posts due to Adam Rowstron becoming quite offensive or in short, it was a case of do as I say, not do as I do.

After the sabotage, I decided to dig deeper into the investigation and these are my findings:

I contacted East Midlands Ambulance Service to find out where I could file a formal complaint about him and his behaviour on social media because several members of our community who are NHS staff made it clear that the NHS does not tolerate that sort of behaviour online and their guidelines for staff social media use and behaviour are very strict and face disciplinary action when found guilty of such behaviour.

The person who answered my call confirmed that Adam Rowstron was not a paramedic registered with the NHS and they had never heard of him.

He then gave me details of the regulatory body of paramedics in UK and said that if I checked, I would discover that he was not registered.

The regulatory body for paramedics in UK is the HCPC ( Health & Care Professions Council )

If you click on the link above and search his name, you’ll see that there is nobody by that name in ANY of the fields listed in the drop down selection.

Adam Rowstron search on HCPC


Adam Rowstron & UK Law

The UK authorities make it very clear about impersonating a paramedic.

Law About Paramedics

In the link above on the government website, if you scroll down, you’ll see this information clearly stated:

Adam Rowstron potential fine

If he is going around telling everyone he’s a paramedic then it’s clearly illegal and breaks government guidelines as seen on the government website above.

There have been cases in the past where people have been arrested for doing the same thing and even causing loss of life.

Adam Rowstron and Fake Certificates

When he first volunteered to assist with the community, it didn’t take long before he messaged me for help.

His message was one full of fear and desperation.

Apparently, he does first aid training and he had just completed and received payment for a training he was not certified or qualified to provide and the client was requesting the authentic certificates from the regulatory body which he obviously could not provide.

He asked me if there was a way to create a certificate with the official credentials of the governing body which was not the kind of thing I do.

He was in a state of panic and I advised him to be honest with the client, provide a full refund, and make an apology for this fraudulent behaviour.

I never heard about this again so I can only assume he took my advice but you never know with these types of people.

Issuing fake certificates to clients just shows how low this vile person will go.

Adam Rowstron – AEM Training – Leicestershire Ambulance Service

In my investigations online, I found a couple of business registrations he is attached to which are listed below:

AEM Training and Consultancy Ltd

Leicestershire Ambulance Service Ltd

If he is running an ambulance service, I hope he has a qualified paramedic working with him, otherwise that would be illegal wouldn’t it?

He seems to have problems with some of his clients too:

Adam Rowstron abuse


Last words on Adam Rowstron

Not much else can be said about this guy other than having the charisma of a damp rag.

He may be gone, but never forgotten and as some like to say, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”


Chris from Elite EMS has told me that Adam Rowstron was previously employed at Elite EMS but did not say in what capacity or the reason why he no longer works there.

Read more about Adam Rowstron and more evidence.

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Adam Rowstron - Paramedic Impersonator & Saboteur at AEM Training & Consultancy

On Good Friday of this year, Adam Rowstron took it upon himself to sabotage our popular community page by changing the title to expletives which broke Facebook guidelines and was consequently taken down by Facebook.

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  1. He was on the Madeira forum asking for information and acting all nice and polite but we all know what he is. Maybe his name in Tenerife is too shitty now and hes looking for another island lol.

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