Scam  !!! scam

We paid €1580 for a villa in Gran Canaria two weeks ago. We used a company called

When we arrived the owner knew nothing about us. It turns out this company are stealing photos from Villa owners from other sites and portraying it as a property that they have for rental.

I played a game of charades with somebody called Maria Francesca Madariaga from this company with several emails over and back. She claimed the villa owner was the scam artist and that she would get me a refund. I have reported it to police in Spain (as the money went to a spanish bank account (Adriaan Locus was the name of the account holder) in Seville.

I have also spoken to the people in that bank as they are harbouring criminals. Do not be as naive as us and please dont go near this company. They are complete scam artists.



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