Attempted Purse Snatching

Tenerife Purse Snatching


Have been coming to the island for over 30 years and now spend a lot of time in Golf Del Sur. Through this forum, I was able to advise visiting friends this week to be very cautious of people approaching them and to watch their belongings very carefully.

On day two of their holiday they had an attempted purse snatch by two well dressed people on the walk along the front of El Nautica.

Today while I was in San Telmo area alone, I also was subjected to an attempted purse snatch. To say I was furious was an understatement, but as I was alone I was in a bit of a panic, by the time I checked my purse was still in my bag and managed to get my phone out the two were gone.

Long story I know but I have now downloaded the cop alert app. Be careful and watch your belongings.

Courtesy Pauline Murray

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  1. take care if stopping atlas adelfas2 apartments,we had apartment broken into when staying there in june last year.. make shure to use safe .

  2. Bag snatchers operating around san blas entrance from seafront they only strike when no one around from behind and try to release strap we were attacked by a young couple the girl has long dark hair and grey cotton tracksuit also along seafront pathway

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