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Silvia Garcia – Silvia Van Damme Tenerife

I hired the services of Silvia Garcia at Crystal Clear Solutions in the end of September 2016 to assist me with the payment of the property tax, to find out the registry tax amount to pay and change the bills over to our name and set up the direct debit. We paid the fee she requested but the only service delivered was the tax payment that we manage to find out through lawyers as she denied to send the proof of payment to me.

As she did not change the bills to my name or my husband’s name, we almost had power cut over Christmas as we only found out through the previous owner’s agents that the bills were still under her name because we still do not live in Tenerife. We had to ask a favour of a person we met online to pay for us this bill as we were not in Tenerife at that moment and then transfer the money. I cannot even describe the distress we were at that time with the thoughts of spending Christmas in the dark with my family, including my 1 year old daughter.

This lady calls herself Managing Director of a Crystal Clear Solutions but this company is nor registered and there is no office or any premises you can go to if you have a problem so the only way of contact was telephone and emails. At that moment she was using her neighbour to answer the calls and the poor guys had no clue about this problem and her response I got to the email I sent complaining for the lack of service we paid for was threats that she would sue us for defamation if we go online to share our bad experience with her.

She tried to intimidate us with legal action based on the disclaimer she writes on her email that she is protected by the “Social Media, Defamation, Data Protection and Privacy Act worldwide”. The CONSUMER, NOT THE BUSINESS, is protected by Personal Data Protection of the Spanish Law L.O. 15/1999 and also protected by the Spanish Law 34/2002 regarding the Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Trading. So if someone else had a bad experience with this “company” and received this kind of threat do not be intimidated.

This lady also had held our property deed for months only sending it back to one of our lawyers in March 2017.

So if you are willing to move to Tenerife or need to sort out any problem in Tenerife, avoid the services of this lady. She is all over social media advertising her services but instead of peace of mind of having your papers sorted, she will give you an extremely bad customer service, waste your time and money to hire other professionals to sort out the mess she caused you.


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