Goldcar Tenerife car hire rip off

NEW RIPOFF  – Goldcar  Tenerife Sur Airport

Watch out for this new ripoff – Got a great offer with GOLCAR  14 days  = 89.46 euros RECENTLY ?????

The fuel deposit for the Hyundai i20 1.2 was £115.21 but only £ 103.76 was returned.

They have kept  8% IN THEORY CLAIMING € 5.73 euros is for the “Premium office charge” in their email to me regarding my complaint. I found the 8% small print in paragraph 17 on the back page of the conditions page.   WHEN THEY HAVE ACTUALLY kept £11.45 which is NOT 8% of of the car cost (89.46 Eu)  Not a large amount but ……

BOOKED through DO YOU SPAIN who claim to have TRANSPARENT PRICING – ALSO AVOID!!!  While I am it INTERRENT  – Watch out for Car Wash service on return 5 euros!  ALSO AVOID!!!

Autoreisen next time  🙂

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  1. I was also ripped off by Goldcar and
    I booked a car for a week and paid for premium full cover insurance. When I came to pick up the car, i was told i must pay for extra insurance again and also some other extra payment I have no idea was. I flatly refused to do that. Then I was asked for my credit card for withholding the deposit. I gave it to him and he told me it was not a credit card. No indeed, it was not, but it was an embossed card we used for holding a deposit before. He then refused to rent us the car as well as give us the money we paid for it back. I placed a complaint with because i paid through them but they refused to give me the money back too. I disputed the payment through my bank and now I am waiting for it to be processed.

  2. Gold Car took 196€ off of my credit card for absolutely no reason. I had booked them through another booking agent and taken out their insurance instead of Gold Car’s. Gold Car froze 1100€ but assured me that nothing would be taken. I have contacted them 3 times and threatened legal action but they still have not reimbursed me. As a resident, I am absolutely disgusted and wonder how many others have been mistreated.

    We booked through another agent and booked that companies insurance but on arrival we were told that was not sufficient and we had to pay for their insurance or pay deposit of 1,100. We took out Gold car insurance and got refunded by the third party. When we returned the car back with a full tank Gold car took €54 As they said they managed to put 7 litres of fuel in a Flat Punto (All lies the tank was full) we asked for proof and they have completely ignored us.

  4. Hi, I came across this site whilst trying to find out if there’s an organisation in Tenerife I could report a fraud to? Something equivalent to say Trading Standards in the UK. The reason for this is we have also been ‘scammed ‘ by Interrent (part of Goldcar). They gave us a hire car with scratches on the front and rear bumpers. The attendant giving out the keys kept telling us not to worry about it as they were only concerned about dents. We insisted it was recorded on the Check-Out paperwork, which eventually he did and gave us a copy. We had to drop the car back before the office opened and leave the keys in a security box (so we were the perfect victims). By the time we arrived home an email had arrived from Interrent saying we had caused the damage and they would be taking 435 euros from our credit card!! We insisted the damage was already there and discovered the employee had submitted the first Check-out paperwork without the scratches being recorded! They are nothing but liars and thieves and I cannot believe there isn’t a way of reporting this fraudulent activity to the authorities, the amount of people who’ve reported being scammed by them is overwhelming

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