Goldcar Tenerife car hire rip off

NEW RIPOFF  – Goldcar  Tenerife Sur Airport

Watch out for this new ripoff – Got a great offer with GOLCAR  14 days  = 89.46 euros RECENTLY ?????

The fuel deposit for the Hyundai i20 1.2 was £115.21 but only £ 103.76 was returned.

They have kept  8% IN THEORY CLAIMING € 5.73 euros is for the “Premium office charge” in their email to me regarding my complaint. I found the 8% small print in paragraph 17 on the back page of the conditions page.   WHEN THEY HAVE ACTUALLY kept £11.45 which is NOT 8% of of the car cost (89.46 Eu)  Not a large amount but ……

BOOKED through DO YOU SPAIN who claim to have TRANSPARENT PRICING – ALSO AVOID!!!  While I am it INTERRENT  – Watch out for Car Wash service on return 5 euros!  ALSO AVOID!!!

Autoreisen next time  🙂


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