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hair braiding spain

My 18 year old daughter arrived in PDLA last night with her friend. Today, she was approached by one of the hair braiders. I think the ones close to the Parque la Paz.

My daughter explained that she didn’t want her hair braided and had no money with her to pay. Despite this, one of the hair braiders grabbed my daughters hair and started braiding it, refusing to let her go. My daughter was then told in no uncertain terms that she should return with 30euro, or there would be consequences.

This terrified my daughter so she returned with the 30 euro. It’s left her quite shook up though and she’s considering flying home after less than 24 hours in Tenerife. I’ve also posted this on the forum and it would seem that this isn’t an isolated incident.

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  1. Please help we have booked and paid for a villa in San Eugenia for 6-13 Jan coming and we now cannot view our booking our villa or any information !
    We booked through
    And are very distressed right now as a lot of money has been paid !

    • This happened to me today in Los Cristianos, they wanted 35 euros wouldn’t let go and said we have no choice but to pay and it was not possible to take it out, I managed to get it down to 15 Euro, they wouldn’t let me and my friend go without paying

  2. This happened to my wife today. We were walking along past the hard rock cafe when a woman who claimed to come from the Gambia stopped us. We tried to walk on, we said no thanks, but she would not take no for an answer. The next thing, she’s talking to us and she grabs my wifes hair and starts brading coloured string through it. I thought my wife was happy with this because she didn’t say anything so I allowed it to carry on. Anyway, half way through, a cop came roaring up right next to us on a motorbike and the hair brader scarpers! Never seen such a look of childish fear on someones face as this before. We didnt get asked for money luckily, but if she had demanded, she would have been told where to get off, and if she had grabbed my wife andheld her as some people have said, well it would have been a simple case of self defence as she had already assaulted my wife, and I would have decked the brader right there. As it is we spent twenty minutes untying the string from her hair. Glad that cop came along.

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