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    Custom Size Mica Material Sheet Gasket
    Mica gasket is based on mica sheet, laminated from mica impregnate with resin, then processing into gasket and various shapes.
    Mica is stratiform mineral, its composed of potassium (K), aluminum (AI),magnesium (Mg),Iron(Fe) and lithium(Li).There are different categories of mica, including white mica, phlogopite, biotite and lepidolite (Lithia mica) . White mica is widely used in industry and national defense because it is elasticity, tenacity and insulativity. it is also acid and alkali resistant, and corrosion proof, which can be stripped, with low coefficient of expansion.

    Application : Arch chutes, Bus bar support, Dynamic breaking resistors, Circuit breaker, Furnace lining, Resistor bank wall, Heated hydraulic presses, Hot press, Forging press, cylindrical resistance heater, Metallurgy industry, High voltage equipments
    1.Excellent flame-resistance, the tolerance of highest temperature is 800 °C.
    2.Good dielectric strength, the highest break-Voltage is 20KV/mm.
    3.Fine bending strength and flexibility.
    5.Ecologically safe and non-toxic
    6.High resistance to pressure
    thickness mm0.1~2.0
    Mica content %(≥)902.5~1100.1~2.02.5~110
    Bond content %(≤)11889088
    Density g/cm31.8~2.25121012
    Flexural strength N/mm2150~2302.15~2.381.8~2.252.15~2.45
    Water absorption 24H/23 % (<)0.5≥23015~230≥230
    Dielectric strength kv/mm(≥)
    Heat Loss at 500 %(≤)1251625
    low price Mica Gasket