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    3M waterproof heat shrink tubing equivalent
    It is adapted to the irregular shape of insulation and seal;
    The adhesive layer can be bonded to plastic, rubber and metal.
    The initial contraction temperature is 70 C;
    The melting temperature of the inner layer: 70 C -100 C;

    Double wall heat shrinkable tube is a kind of heat shrinkable tube. The outer layer is made of high quality, soft cross linked polyolefin material and inner hot melt adhesive. The outer material has the advantages of insulation, anticorrosion, wear resistance and so on. The inner layer has the advantages of low melting point, waterproof, sealing and high adhesion. Double wall heat shrinkable tubes are widely used for wiring, waterproof and leak proof of electronic equipment, corrosion protection, protection of wires and cables, wiring of water pumps and submersible pumps and so on.
    Standard color: Black
    Clear and other colored dual wall tube should be produced based on MOQ.
    1) Inner diameter of dual wall heat shrinkable tube
    We know that the cross section of the casing is cylindrical, the distance between the inner wall is the tube inner diameter, we usually use Φ to state tube inner diameter, because it used to label the diameter in engineering, and then followed by a digital value, such as Φ6mm, means the tube inner diameter is 6mm when the tube is round.

    2) Wall thickness of dual wall heat shrinkable tube
    The thickness is the second parameters of heat shrink tube, the inner diameter is the size of the tube. What is the thickness of the wall? Like cloth, there are some thin and thick clothes, so what will the wall thickness effect on? double wall heat shrinkable tube has the effect of insulation protection, so the different wall thickness, the different insulation protection effect, we all know the thicker clothes the more cold proof, the thinner clothes the poor cold resistance, double wall heat shrinkable tube wall thickness is its protective ability, generally speaking, thicker double wall heat shrinkable tube have better mechanical protection features

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