Michiel Jacobs AKA Johan Tenerife Scammer

Michiel Jacobs Tenerife Scammer Passport


Michiel Jacobs Tenerife Scammer Passport


Michiel Jacobs aka Johan, one of those hopeless scammers loitering on Facebook, has come up with a novel idea to extract the hard earned cash from unsuspecting non EU citizens.
Maybe the business plan was hatched in a bar over a few Dorada beers and it’s absolute genius.
Offer a paperwork service to non EU citizens, take their money, and don’t bother doing the work and why not keep the money too.

Nothing new here because Silvia Garcia is the person he seems to be aspiring to.

He’s very active on Facebook and even set up a group where he can corral his victims before the slaughter.

The hilarity of it all is that he himself doesn’t have his paperwork in order and is working illegally without registration.

He is not registered for the Economic Activity Tax so he earns income illegally without paying any tax and usually asks his victims to pay either by cash, or by Moneygram which says a lot about what type of person this guy is.

All the information has been forwarded to the Hacienda and local authorities for further investigation and living in Castle Harbour will not make him exempt from tax.

The advert below is from a group he promotes and for someone offering paperwork services and yet cannot sort his own out, we can only assume that his delusion is only matched by his clumsiness.

Michiel Jacobs Tenerife Scam Advert


There are a couple of pending denuncias for him that I know about and I’m sure, more to follow. For now, the authorities will carry out their investigations and I hope those reading this will consider the risks of using people who are not working legally and not properly documented.

At the very least, if you insist on taking the risk, always make sure you don’t use the notorious payment methods associated with scammers like Moneygram or Western Union or cash, and remember to ask for an official receipt because I can guarantee that you’ll need one when you have to report to the police after the transaction.


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  1. Av. San Fransisco Castle Harbour Apartments Apartment. 205 Los Cristianos is where he lives.
    A group of us shud go over there an put him in his place.

  2. He stole copyrighted photographs from a group on FB, used them to create a mirror image of the known established group then proceeded to spam a large group message to the members misleading them to believe a ‘new and ‘official’ page’ had been created. He plagiarized all the materials, information and anything else he was able to copy. All this to mislead and deceive as many people as he was able. He does have several fake accounts on FB and is always looking for ways to scam unsuspecting people. He is a real lowlife and extremely dishonest person. BEWARE!

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