New Rental Property Scam

Latest Rental Property Scam

As we’ve previously mentioned, there are still some property rental sites online which advertise rental properties that are not legitimate.

The new version of this scam no longer uses newly created websites but existing sites known to many and carry an element of trust.

The individual posts adverts on established sites and social media pages of properties not owned by them and are not available for rent.

One such advert is on Fotocasa but the owner probably had no knowledge that his property is being advertised for rent.

The scammers seem to be tired of creating websites that are being shut down faster than they can build them so they have now reverted to advertising on established sites and they can do so by creating multiple profiles.

They might ask you to leave a deposit or even tell you that the owner is out or away.
Prices will also seem too good to be true.

If you see adverts from individuals on websites or social media, make sure you check them out thoroughly before committing anything.

Other than that, use established sites covered by proper regulatory bodies.


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