Pick Pocket in Los Cristianos

Tenerife pickpocket Los Cristianos

Friday evening was walking across the very long zebra crossing in Los Cristianos, from Valdés Centre to the garage. I was half way across when my handbag that as ladies know when on your shoulder gently taps your hip, but I felt it suddenly tap my bottom. Turned and this young girl early twenties had her hand on the tassel to unzip my back. She looked me straight in the eye and said ” oh sorry”.  I was with my husband and we were holding hands and when he felt me move quickly he also turned, when I turned into him there was another girl on his shoulder, very close. These two girls, were smartly dressed, not Spanish, but not sure of their nationality.

As a previous lady said, you are shocked and we stood there for a few seconds and it goes through your mind, surely would not try to pick pocket on a zebra crossing in day light. Fortunately this time they were not successful.

My Husband never takes his wallet out and my purse is tiny and goes in the zipped inner compartment of my bag.  But as others have said, you also have phone, camera and various items.  It is not possible to photo these people, as soon as this happens they are down the street very quickly.  We all need to get smarter.

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