Pickpockets in Tenerife Los Gigantes Area and South

Tenerife pickpockets los gigantes


These two tried to steal a wallet out of a bag yesterday so keep an eye out for them and be careful if you are around Los Gigantes although they move around the south as well..

The person filing this report said that it was lucky his bag was hard to get into.

They work together; she serves as a distraction while he gets busy with pick pocketing.

Make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the safety of your personal belongings at all times.


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  1. similar couple tried to rob us on the road by Royal Sun on Thursday.
    they were working with a car which distracted us with reversing towards us over the pavement as if trying to park very badly !
    my husband had his pocket just above the knee on walking trousers dipped – very skilled by the thief who navigated Velcro closure to get at the wallet.
    the woman seemed to speak good English

  2. Same happened to me yesterday same two people but there was a second guy three Scottish ladies collererd them till they handed my purse and phone back there faces are now on face book

  3. They attacked me 2 x as didn’t get anything out of the front zip haversack I stepped to the side to let them they past me on a narrow paving outside the Atlantic hotel they walk then off the pavement and predended to be getting into a red car so I carried on walking only for them to be right up behind me on the slope down to the Atlantic hotel she had her hand in my 2nd zip opening haversack I turned around properly for him to Ask me the time I said I don’t have the time I guess they new by this stage I had no money so with hindsight I guess there next plan was to snatch my phone I new exactly what the pair was up to , I fell against the woman and crabed her sleeve of her silk short dress in fright he kicked my leg and crutch right out off my hand and down I went , I have MS I’m on holiday with my 14 yr old daughter husband at home as we came on holiday January 2018 dying and just want to make happy memories for my family !!cheers robbing low life , I shouted this right in there face before he kicked me down

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