PlusCar Stole Our Money, Faked My Signature And Stopped Responding

pluscar scam

Hey guys, I wanna share our negative experience with PlusCar.

About month after our rental of the car, the company took about 100 € from our bank account (in 4 rows, without notice). We contacted PlusCar Tenerife Sur and they told us, that they tried to take 250 € for scratched car and dirty interior.

We immediately provided the pictures as an evidence that we got scratched car directly from them and that we retrieve the car clean.

After many calls and emails, they claimed that the car was damaged by different customer and returned us 50 €. About other 55 € they claimed the car was dirty and did not respond to pictures or anything (of course I have never seen the bill for cleaning of any kind :)), eventually they stopped communicating with us.

We also tried to contacted them via facebook or contact PlusCar Lanzarote, but with the same result. Probably the worst of their doing was that after I requested a scan of rental conditions, explicitly with my signature (having the copy of conditions in my home, knowing I did not sign them), they provided me scan of rental conditions with fake signature..

If you have any experience or suggestion of what to do next, we will be happy to hear it. Martin and Barbora from Czech republic.



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