SA Tech Tenerife – Sandra and Stuart Astley Notorious Spammers and Trolls

SA Tech Tenerife - Sandra Astley

Marketing v Spamming v SA Tech Tenerife

There is a big difference between online marketing and spamming.
Unfortunately, Sandra Astley of SA Tech Tenerife is the latter and has let down team Tenerife woefully.

They’ve taken spamming to a lower low and boldly gone where no other spammer has thought of going before.


The Sandra Astley & SA Tech Tenerife Effect

After having been banned from multiple pages and groups for spamming and using multiple profiles to try to avoid detection, she has now had to resort to creating her own pages and groups so that she can freely spam them without fear of being banned but there is a catch…..Facebook does delete and deactivate accounts on a regular basis that spam their platform and offer no value whatsoever.

Ask her, she’s just had one of them deleted and the others are being reviewed as we speak.

Let’s face it, anyone can create Facebook pages or groups, that’s the easy part.
The real work is building and developing an audience which seems to have flown over her head completely.

Ignorance is bliss and it would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic judging by her antics.

Sandra Astley seems to think that copying existing pages and trying to deceive users into believing they are the real pages and groups is the way to do it.

Not only is she fooling herself, she’s also fooling those who think she knows what she’s doing. Pity the businesses connected with her online because their reputations or the little that’s left of it, will be damaged irreparably.


Can You Provide Some Evidence?

Not only will I explain why it’s unethical behaviour, I even have some evidence to support my claim.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

sandra astley sa tech tenerife 1

There is already a very popular group run by us at Tenerife Forum Community and it’s clear what her intentions are by doing this.

We notice that Helena Louise Carter of Universal Exports is involved in this as she was the one who created the group shown above and they seem to be working in collaboration to deceive users.

It really is embarrassing and I think we sometimes give credit to people for intelligence they don’t possess.

sandra astley sa tech tenerife 2 copy


At last count, we uncovered 35 Groups and 3 Pages she created to spread even more spam on Facebook, mostly on Tenerife pages and groups.

I even received a comment with her telling me I was jealous.
Of what???
She clearly needs to get over herself and stop acting like a buffoon on social media.

Her type of antics and general unethical behaviour is what damages businesses and their credibility online. Spamming smacks of desperation and users don’t need to see your offers constantly.

There are even groups created by her that pretend to be for advice and information and yet, they are spammed to death with totally irrelevant posts and almost all are adverts.

Here’s an example of one of them but I’m sure she’ll try to clean it up before you see it although I doubt she has enough hours in the day due to the large volume of spam she has to attend to.

Emigrating to Tenerife support and advice

Do you see anything even closely resembling the title of the Group above?
No, I didn’t think so either.


Final Thoughts?

Her interpretation of marketing is clearly misconceived and is up to her but you cannot reason with some people through their ignorance.

If you think that spamming is the right thing for your business then go ahead, but don’t bring it to us. Keep it among yourselves because it serves no purpose to anyone and only causes hostility to the business doing the spamming and the service being advertised.

There are some domains that I know of that have been blocked by Facebook permanently and their pages removed indefinitely without recourse.

Let’s hope that business owners are wise enough to realise there are no shortcuts and no magical service providers. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Fingers crossed that you’re not one of the businesses that could potentially be deactivated by Facebook due to spam.





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