Silverpoint Timeshare Scam – Centarus Mediation and Fullbro

Beware you owners who own at the Beverley Hills Heights or the Mirage.

You will be encouraged strongly to go to a presentation by EXCEL who are seemingly taking over Silverpoint. You will be told your timeshare is worth nothing and there is a very hard sell to purchase a 200k apartment.

They will rent out for you at a profit. 2 hours sun missed!
Next day you will get another knock on your door this time to visit Centaurus Mediations.

For the cost of £5260 they will get you a Solicitor in the UK from Fullbrook Associates.
We are back in the UK and there is no Solicitors there.

Larry who we saw seemed really authentic. What makes it worse is we relinquished our timeshare the same day at no cost from the last few representatives of Silverpoint.

You do not only lose several hours relaxing time but lots of money for your time. It is a scam so beware!

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  1. I’m the person who spoke to the above client. The lawyers that the above mentions, Fulbrook Associates do exist and are fully conversant in timeshare extrication and compensation.

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