Silvia Garcia CCS Tenerife – Less Than Truthful Website

CCS Tenerife

After a terrible personal experience with this service, I am concerned that many people may be misled into thinking that this is a legal company. Silvia (Sylvia) Garcia of Crystal Clear Solutions, Tenerife, does not have an office or work legally according to the registry in Spain although she does have an impressive web site.

This lady takes money from her clients to perform a service that is often not done correctly or not completed and in the worst cases, probably never even started.This often leaves people with either serious legal problems, or practical problems like no utilities when they are not transferred due to her ineptitude and clients are left without basic water and electric supplies .

The normal recourse for this type of shoddy service would be to enact a reclamation against her using a “libro de reclamaciones”, a Spanish form which every Spanish business must make available by law. CCS Tenerife does not have a “libro de reclamaciones” and Miss Garcia’s response to any complaint is a threat to take legal proceedings against the client should they complain on social media followed by her blocking all forms of contact from phone calls and messages. This means that the client has to resort to paying another agent to do the work.

I was a victim of CCS Tenerife when I paid her 100 Euros to change my British driving license to a Spanish one. Not only did she not do the application or pay the costs in “trafico”, but she assured me that the license was on its way to me in the post. It never came.I received unbelievable abuse from Sylvia Garcia of Crystal Clear Solutions, Tenerife when I warned people about her on social media and I feel it’s only right to warn others about the dangers of using CCS Tenerife.

Please think twice about using this person and service because whilst I only lost 100 Euros, the cost to me in time and inconvenience was incalculable.

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