Tenerife Holiday Rental Scam Websites

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Recently, there was a large scam operating that offered holiday rentals that did not exist.

Some of the sites have been taken down, some of the scammers caught, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the end of it. I think this will continue to happen as it gets harder to find accommodation due to the popularity of the island.

People are now becoming desperate to find places to stay and the scammers are aware of this and use the situation to their advantage.

Here’s a list of sites that were responsible for the scams, although most of them have already been taken offline:


Current List of Tenerife Rental Scam Websites

  1. Update on 20th March 2017 – https://www.tenerifevacationhome.com/
    Search: tenerifevacationhome | tenerifevacationhome.com

  2. Update on 10th May 2017 – https://www.canariesholidayvillas.com/
    Search: canariesholidayvillas | canariesholidayvillas.com

  3. Update on 12th June 2017 – http://www.canarianluxuryvillas.com/
    Search: canarianluxuryvillas | canarianluxuryvillas.com

  4. Update on 12th June 2017 – https://www.digitaldreamsholidays.com/
    Search: digitaldreamsholidays | digitaldreamsholidays.com

  5. Update on 13th Sept 2017 – http://www.canarianluxvillas.com/
    Search: canarianluxvillas | canarianluxvillas.com

  6. Update on 7th Oct 2017 – https://exclusivevillas4rent.com
    Search: exclusivevillas4rent | exclusivevillas4rent.com

  7. Update on 8th Oct 2017 – https://www.canariesluxuryholidays.com/
    Search: canariesluxuryholidays | canariesluxuryholidays.com

  8. Update on 25th Oct 2017 – https://edentour.net/
    Search: edentour | edentour.net

  9. Update on 12th Nov 2017 – https://teneriferental.es/
    Search: teneriferental | teneriferental.es

  10. Update on 17th Nov 2017 – https://cassa-tenerife.com/
    Search: cassa-tenerife | cassa-tenerife.com

  11. Update on 18th Nov 2017 – https://canary-villarentals.com/
    Search: canary-villarentals | canary-villarentals.com

  12. Update on 18th Nov 2017 – http://canary-villa2stay.com/
    Search: canary-villa2stay | canary-villa2stay.com

  13. Update on 22nd Nov 2017 – https://ppriorholidays.com/
    Search: ppriorholidays | ppriorholidays.com

  14. Update on 25th Nov 2017 – https://www.canarianvillasbooking.com/
    Search: canarianvillasbooking | canarianvillasbooking.com

  15. Update on 25th Nov 2017 – https://casa-tenerifee.com/
    Search: casa-tenerifee | casa-tenerifee.com

  16. Update on 26th Nov 2017 – https://www.villas-andreas.com/
    Search: villas-andreas | villas-andreas.com

  17. Update on 12th Dec 2017 – http://www.teneholidays.com
    Search: teneholidays | teneholidays.com

  18. Update on 12th Dec 2017 – http://www.premierholidaybooking.com
    Search: premierholidaybooking | premierholidaybooking.com

  19. Update on 16th Dec 2017 – http://www.canary-lettings.com
    Search: canary-lettings | canary-lettings.com

  20. Update on 19th Dec 2017 – https://villaswithaview.com/
    Search: villaswithaview | villaswithaview.com

  21. Update on 27th Dec 2017 – http://luxurylettings.net/
    Search: luxurylettings | luxurylettings.net

  22. Update on 13th Jan 2018 – http://www.villas-canary.com/
    Search: villas-canary | villas-canary.com

  23. Update on 22nd Jan 2018 – https://fincas-tempo.com/
    Search: fincas-tempo | fincas-tempo.com

  24. Update on 29th Jan 2018 – https://www.pbtavacations.com/
    Search: pbtavacations | pbtavacations.com

  25. Update on 29th Jan 2018 – https://viaje-tenerife.com/
    Search: viaje-tenerife | viaje-tenerife.com

  26. Update on 13th Feb 2018 – https://www.amazingholidayvillas.com/
    Search: amazingholidayvillas | amazingholidayvillas.com

  27. Update on 15th Feb 2018 – https://holiday-canary.com/
    Search: holiday-canary | holiday-canary.com

  28. Update on 21st Feb 2018 – https://www.premiervillabooking.com/ Previously www.premierholidaybooking.com
    Search: premiervillabooking | premiervillabooking.com

  29. Update on 22nd Feb 2018 – https://www.vptenerife.com
    Search: vptenerife | vptenerife.com

  30. Update on 5th Mar 2018 – https://www.luxuryholidaylifestyle.com
    Search: luxuryholidaylifestyle | luxuryholidaylifestyle.com

  31. Update on 5th Apr 2018 – https://www.bookinglists.com
    Search: bookinglists | bookinglists.com

  32. Update on 15th Apr 2018 – https://tenerifevillaholidays.com
    Search: tenerifevillaholidays | tenerifevillaholidays.com

  33. Update on 4th May 2018 – https://www.sunny-spain.com
    Search: sunny-spain | sunny-spain.com

  34. Update on 4th May 2018 – https://seasideluxuryrentals.com
    Search: seasideluxuryrentals | seasideluxuryrentals.com

  35. Update on 13th May 2018 – https://www.estateluxuryhome.com
    Search: estateluxuryhome | estateluxuryhome.com

  36. Update on 31st May 2018 – https://lettingsintenerife.com
    Search: lettingsintenerife | lettingsintenerife.com

  37. Update on 1st June 2018 – https://teneholiday.com
    Search: teneholiday | teneholiday.com

  38. Update on 7th June 2018 – https://www.luxuryholidaylifestyle.com
    Search: luxuryholidaylifestyle | luxuryholidaylifestyle.com

  39. Update on 20th June 2018 – https://www.spainholidayvillarentals.com
    Search  spainholidayvillarentals | spainholidayvillarentals.com

  40. Update on 26th June 2018 – http://www.eliteislandliving.com
    Search: eliteislandliving | eliteislandliving.com

  41. Update on 13th August 2018 – https://www.fivestarsvillarentals.com
    Search: fivestarvillarentals | fivestarvillarentals.com

  42. Update on 13th August 2018 – https://letinspain.com
    Search: letinspain | letinspain.com

  43. Update on 13th August 2018 – https://homerentinspain.com
    Search: homerentinspain | homerentinspain.com

  44. Update on 19th August 2018 – https://www.canarianholidaystyle.com
    Search: canarianholidaystyle | canarianholidaystyle.com

  45. Update on 20th August 2018 – https://spain-letholidays.com
    Search: spain-letholidays | spain-letholidays.com

  46. Update on 28th August 2018 – https://relaxatlewis.com
    Search: relaxatlewis | relaxatlewis.com

  47. Update on 6th Sept 2018 – http://www.eurovillabooking.com
    Search: eurovillabooking | eurovillabooking.com

  48. Update on 2nd Oct 2018 – https://www.spainrentholidays.com
    Search: spainrentholidays | spainrentholidays.com

  49. Update on 2nd Oct 2018 – https://www.holidays-canaryvillas.com
    Search: holidays-canaryvillas | holidays-canaryvillas.com

  50. Update on 2nd Oct 2018 – https://booking-canaryvillas.com
    Search: booking-canaryvillas | booking-canaryvillas.com

  51. Update on 9th Oct 2018 – https://luxuryestatevillas.com
    Search: luxuryestatevillas | luxuryestatevillas.com



We’ll be adding to this list whenever new scam sites appear so that it stays up to date.
As a precaution, please take a look at this article about how to avoid rental scams online and the process of checking them.

If you know of any other sites, please add them in the comments below.

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  1. My parents were scammed by a man called James Benson, jmsbenson38@gmail.com who advertised various apartments in Los Cristianos (possibly other places too). He advertised through Aronasol. He falsely advertised apartments in The Heights.

  2. Hi can you tell me if canariesholidayvillas.com is a scam site, im looking to book with them but have a few concerns. Thanks

    • Sorry to hear that Julie, we have it on the list so please help us spread the word by sharing this article. Thanks for letting us know.

    • Thanks Neil. The site is registered to Filip Hoste and the address is in Adeje so it’s difficult to confirm at the moment if they are legit or not. Domain has been around since 2001 although it doesn’t mean that it’s legit.
      I’ll do some digging and see what else I can come up with.
      Thanks again.

  3. I confirm that http://www.canariesholidayvillas.com is a scam : we have lost a lot of money. We booked a nice villa for Christmas 2017 and paid everything because they offered a discount of 10% if we paid in advance. In the past I used to book via the wel known sites like homelidays, abritel without any problem and I didn’t pay attention to the signals this time : no telephone number, property available in July and August at this time of the year,… They answered really quickly when we asked for booking, but now they completely desappeared when I asked my money back.
    I really do not understand why the website is still on-line, even after introducing a claim by our local police and asking our bank to check the identity of the “landlord”. Please be careful !

  4. I got in contact with someone who claims to be the owner of the property i was interested in. I made the enquiry through a website and then we started communicating in whatsapp. I wanted to make an appointment to view the house and he said that, first thing, I had to pay 2 months in advance to the building company only to see it. After the viewing, I could sign the contract and in that case he would have received my money from the company, otherwise I would have had a refund the same day. It sounded very dodgy to me so of course I told him I was not going to pay any money in advance. He never replied. Same thing happened to a friend of mine. He also sent her his DNI saying that he was resident in Puerto Rico . Doesn’t sound right to me…..

  5. I have booked an apartment with SunseekersTenerifeapartments.co.uk a lady named Arelene Cookson. The apartment belongs to her and is in Playa Graciosa. Made contact when enquiring about an apartment in Victoria Court where she is an agent for owners and the said apartment was fully booked for our dates. Do you know of the company or the lady?

  6. I got got scammed on 26August 2017 with http://www.canarianluxvillas.com Like many I plaid the full amount upfront £1220.00 for a 3 bed villa in Tenerife as I was advised of a 10%discount if I paid the full amount plus security deposit up front. I noticed the account details matched Nationwide building society, I called them to find out if the account was legit, there could not give me personal details but did advise the account belonged with Nationwide. I also asked if there had been any reports about this account, I was told no. It was on 1st September when a forum started on Trip Advisor exposing this website as fake. I re questioned my bank who again couldn’t give me personal information but did advisor me to contact Action Fraud Police. Worried I did it straight away but after making the initial report & adding new information I have still not heard anything back from the Police despite many requests via email. I have since posed many time as various customers to a Raul Mendez who on 3 different occasions gave me 3 new account details 2 more from Nationwide & 1 from Nat west. I went to the finance obeianceman as I believe Nationwide could have assisted me with info such as: advice on the consequences of paying buy bank transfer. Nationwide investigated and advised me the only calls they found on their data base was those made after I made payment. Having made all calls by landline I approached Virgin Media for an itemised bill, but as Nantion wide has a free phone number starting with 0800 they do not keep/retain call logs for free calls. So again I have no further evidence to prove even though I know I made the call before hand, why would I make the call after I found out, That doesn’t make sense. So over a month has now past Nation wide has refused to reimburse me & the action Fraud police have not made any contact with me. So I have lost my money, but still have to find accommodation as I have booked the flights. Sad thing is it was for our family holiday?? My advice to anyone wishing to book villas/ apartments only do it using Credit Card r through a recognised dealership where you have ABTA ATOL protection. Never pay any private person by bank transfer or Debit card.

  7. https://cassa-tenerife.com/ SCAM, PLEASE STAY AWAY
    ppriorholidays.com SCAM TOO

    I have found a website to rent a holiday home for my family and me, and it turns out that this web page hosts on your server is dedicated to making holiday scams, applying a false rent.
    I have noticed the scams that they practice because I have paid the amount of 3860 euros for the rental of a villa, and I have started to look on the Internet about that page and I have found a site where they comment about scams in Tenerife (https: //mytenerifereport.com/tenerife-holiday-rental-scam/) and there is the name of the page where I paid (https://cassa-tenerife.com/)

    I started worrying and made a false rent with the same dates and the same house that I paid and it turns out that they offered me the house I had paid for if it was available !!

    I have tried to call this website several times but nobody answers my phone, and I have sent several emails asking for an explanation but no one to answer !!

    I dont know what I can do…

  8. scanned by cassa tenerife 2 days ago
    i contacted Bankia spain to stop transfer
    it is worth contacting bankia in madrid and speak to them in English (they have english rep)
    and explain if u paid by IBAN –

  9. Hello

    My mother was going to rent a villa on this website from http://www.canarianvillasbooking.com because she had seen a very cheap price and te property was still available on our requested dates but looking at homeaway we found the same property, more expensive; and we called the owner and he told us that he did not know anything about that website of http://WWW.CANARIANVILLASBOOKING.COM, and he told us that he had not given legal rights to publish his house and less to rent it for that price, he has confirmed us that web page is a SCAM….
    We almost fall into a scam of 2900 euros, avoid that web page, it is one of the many scams of holiday rentals in Tenerife…

  10. has anyone checked to see if it is the same people behind all these scams
    what account was money paid into?
    was it in valencia with Bankia?
    if so could people let me know

  11. Villa-andreas.com have been in touch as I have paid them £2000 they say there having difficulties with site I have asked for refund and he said he would and to send my bank account details sounds like another scam what should I do???

  12. This guy is still contacting me and the site still operates a few hours a day to scam another few poor souls can they not be stopped ? have given all detail to fraud squad in uk which he doesent know yet. Sent him details of an account that I don’t use much and never has money This guy said it takes 7 days to return money have asked him for proof that my money is being sent back to me and he said he’s waiting on confirmation from the beneficiary not holding out much hope though

  13. Damien
    Do an ip search on the incoming email
    You’ll see it’s either hidden or from Romania
    Or somewhere similar
    Could u put the email address or the IBAN no you paid into on the forum?

  14. Luckily, I just stopped my father from using two scam sites.
    canarianvillasbooking.com – a lady Francesca is the contact/cheat – cannot believe how professional the website looks
    You guys do a great job on here – cannot imagine how it must feel to be conned out of thousands for your holiday rental. I note this site is already listed as being a scam on your website, what worries me is that this scam site is still live and operating. How do I get it taken down?

    The other scam brings you to a TripAdvisor page, or what appears to be!! The agent is called Valur Kleist…looks really like a TripAdvisor page – incredible resemblance. For a 5 bedroom luxury villa. These people are the scum of the earth. Please be careful all people looking to rent holiday accommodation. Genuinely shocked how close my father came to getting scammed!!

  15. Damien
    Have u done online IBAN checker
    To see which bank it is?
    It is banco Santander in Granada
    If u do IBAN checker their phone no appears of the bank
    Suggest you phone them and tell the bank you are holding them liable for holding account used for fraudulent activity
    And you are reporting them to police and you want a reference no

      • 2 years ago, I was going to book with them again today but now I’m unsure as I’ve just seen here it’s a scam. I’ve searched all over the internet for reviews but I can’t seem to find anything.

        • So, just to recap. You made a booking 2 years ago on a site that didn’t exist?
          You were thinking of booking with the same people that didn’t exist when you made the first booking and was thinking of booking with them again?
          Now you’ve decided not to because you think they’re a scam because you booked on a site that never existed when you said you made the original booking. Is that correct?

    • I asked for availability and they have replied that haven’t got nothing left for the end of 2017 and the prices are NOT that cheap.

    • I checked the details and history and it dates all the way back to 2006 which would be unusual for a scam site so I don’t think it is a scam site.
      If you do book with them, please let us know how you get on.

  16. Anything else I can do? Don’t want to loose my money or even worse, be there with my family and have no place to stay. In the meantime I googled the property and called a real estate agent who has the same property for sale. He recognized one of the houses on the site and he was sure that this was not available for rent. Is that enough not to trust this?

    • If the agent is a registered business and has told you so then I would believe him.
      Other than that, always make sure you make payments with a credit card, never use bank transfers.

  17. Villaswithaview confirmed availability of a 7 bedroomed villa in playa del duque. Great price and availability for July 2018. Further searches showed this villa was advertised for sale. I contacted the estate agent and they told me that the villa is actually still under construction and still for sale. Glad I did my research before I paid the deposit

  18. Teneriferental.es SCAM
    Lost 2250 € for a 3 bedroomed villa rented for the week of Christmas in Tenerife. Try yesterday to reach someone on phone to organise the meeting but my email returned with the mention unroutable address and the mobile number is not assigned.
    I paid by transfer to a bank in Alicante for the benefit of a certain Antonio Salvador Berna Moya
    Something to do to get the money back ?
    Thanks for your help

  19. I am thinking of booking a villa with a company called Tenerife lettings. Does anyone know anything about this company. I found the villa via trip advisor.

  20. Hi,
    I contacted villaswithaview.com today in order to book a 7bedroom villa for 2weeks next christmas.
    The price was really good, so i asked would it be possible to see the property in advance, like today, because i’m actually in Tenerife right now. Which is actually true.

    Have not got answer yet, i can update here when i get something from them. If
    i get anything.
    The reason i am suspicious is they did not give any street Address in their page, just the area.
    And the price was just “too low”. Plus i also found this in sale, using kyero.com website. With same pictures….

    Regarding the response i got initially, they gave me name and phone number as below
    Matteo Ramos Cruz
    Tel +34 902 01 83 99

  21. I rented a condo in Destin Fl from Daniel A Young atleast I thought that was his name. Now i see his name is Bill James Fleming. I see he is on a scammer list. I sent him a deposit in Oct 30 thru paypal. How do I get my money back.

  22. Hi
    Iv just returned from Adeje in Tenerife. Our Villa did not exist. premierholidaybooking.com
    Property ID Selene Costa Adeje
    Booked 18/12/2017
    This sight looks so good! The person booking reply’s to all emails, sounds reputable and does everything by email. Bank transfer. He signs himself Alba Klazina .
    If I hadn’t have been so busy before Xmas I would have spotted a few things in hindsight I can see now!
    I’m home now and this is still live on the web!
    How do we get these sights down??? Iv reported mine to Fraud Squad and my bank at the time and will be sending link to anyone I can think of!
    I lost £1760 and feel absolutely sick! Everything seemed ok at the time! Please let me know if anything else I can do

    • I booked villa with them before Christmas too and paid full price plus deposit as they were giving us the 10% discount for paying up front. My concern is that I have scanned a copy of my passport to them. Have any of you done that too?

  23. Can anyone confirm for definite that Villaswithaview in Tenerife are a scam.I have lost over £2100 if they are,I have searched IBANS and I.P. addresses but no definite info’ to convince me one way or the other.

    • I would say they are…….

      As below you can find sale info about the 7bedroom villa in Costa Adeje from Clear Blue Skies real estate agent.

      Villaswithaview is renting the same villa, furnished. As you can see, info below tells same villa is under construction….unfurnished, unfinished.
      And they told me it’s furnished and they have customers in there as we speak. So that cannot be true.
      Call to clear blue sky and you get the answer.

      “A magnificent villa built over three floors and consisting of 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms (5 en suite) Boasting a grand entrance hall, bright and spacious lounge, dining area and large separate kitchen. Also benefitting from an enormous basement (781m2) which houses an independent apartment/staff quarters, 10 car garage, bodega, gym and cinema room. Total of 369m² living space on the ground floor and 261m² on the first floor. Marble floors throughout, lift, pre-installation for air-conditioning and solar panels, aluminium doors and windows. Roof terrace with panoramic view, beautiful garden and large private pool. The house is fully constructed however the last finishings will be left to the taste of the new owner giving the chance to have a totally personalized luxury property. Price as is 3,800,000€ or 4,500,000€ including last finishings. Exclusive area, close to shops, restaurants and golden sandy beaches.”

  24. Michael C

    I just received a call from clearblueskies. They are selling Villa in Fanabe area, which i posted above.
    7bedroom, 9 bathroom etc.
    They said it is definitely not for rent. So atleast that villa is 100% sure scam for renting use.

    Sorry to hear if you lost your money with villaswithaview.

    • Ylli
      Thanks for taking the time to reply.I seem to be in a circular trap at the moment,I sent them an email with a different name asking for the dates we booked etc, and they replied saying the dates were not available,villa already booked.I asked for detail where the villa is,(Costa Adeje Golf,) and they sent the name of the road which is wrong name,they also said the owner would email us the detail three days before we leave on the 19th.
      Checked every possible angle so now it looks like finding out next week if we have been stuffed.Amazing really but I guess these things are sent to teach us a lesson

  25. I just got scamed via https://ppriorholidays.com
    They Are still online and oder Great Houses! I Had a nice booking Chat with the Original E-Mail contact@ppriorholidays.com but when I arrived at villa Los Christianes beach id:9200 with my 2 Kids but Nobody was there and the villa was already rented out to another Partie. I had to pay the Full amount before my Arrival and everything is gone still! I received an email that they will refund if i Five them my Bank Details!!!!! Police says that this is the way they try to get even more Money out of your Account. I gave them another Bank Details from a friend but no refund!!!!

  26. why dont you add http://www.canarianvillasbooking.com to the list?
    it’s 100% scam.
    We have paid £ 1900 a month ago. The contactperson fransesca has stolen her image of another person, their office does not exist, no phone number on the website. The cheap villas exist but some of them is fullbooked at booking.com etc.
    When I asked to get the money back they stopped responding.
    add it to your list.

  27. Please go to https://www.whoishostingthis.com find the company who is hosting the scam website and report it to them as this is the ONLY way to get these scammers closed down, I have success with this method when police etc do not want to know.
    PLEASE REPORT THEM to the website hosting company

    • Thanks. Im not so good at speaking english. Would have been easier to email them. Could only call gooddaddy. But i let some other give them a call.

  28. Do you know if tenerifevillasonline are a reputable company? Can’t see them listed as a scam site but keen to double check before we book. thanks in advance

      • thank You and thanks for this site. saved me a lot of money as we nearly booked with villaswithaview until I checked your site.

        • I can now confirm for definite that http://www.villaswithaview.com are a scam site.The guy fronting it is Matteo Ramos Cruz,very smooth too.
          The scam runs like this,rent the villa,pay by direct bank transfer,(IF you are stupid like me,)you stay in touch throughout and he replies to emails etc,etc, two days before you leave he sends an email saying the property is sold,they have nothing else please send your bank details for a refund.Alternatively you get there and the villa is occupied etc,etc,
          So ! We lost £2,100 because of my one time stupidity,without that these people could not do this,so please pass this around ………. avoid villaswithaview like the plague.No bank transfer with anyone !!!!!
          They advertise properties in Tenerife/Canary Islands. My next stop is all English speaking forums on those islands,facebook and tripadvisor.

    • Not 100% sure, but I’ve asked to book with fincas-tempo.com and they gave me instructions on how to PAY BY CREDIT CARD, also the option of bank draft.
      I said I wanted to pay by credit card and received a positive reply, so they look ok.

        • Following your instructions, I wrote them and asked for the NIF/CIF business number and this is what I received: B38793949
          If you can check it somehow and let us know, will be nice.
          Thank you!

          • The CIF number shows that the company is in liquidation and looks like the number has been stolen from another business.
            Stay well clear, it’s a scam.

  29. I have just seen my villa in torviscas advertised on .www.villawithaview.com
    But I don’t rent through this company , I do it myself so that website is scamming people
    If you view “5 bed Villa Roque del conde from 238€ per night” it’s a scam
    Please contact me and I will try to help

    • Hi Jean
      We paid £2500 from the 19th till the 28th. I tried sending an email one hour ago and than received a send failure message. I than thought something is not right. When I went on the site i realised that is blocked.
      I found this site and seen your message here. I am in tears now as i dont know what to do. This guy Matteo seem to be mentioned in the above comments. Do you actually rent the villa?
      Can you help or advise us ?Please !!!

      Tatiana Brown

    • We can’t find a business registration by that name. The registration details for the domain are hidden but the domain history shows someone by the name of Nick Blackwood which could be anybody. Best to avoid the site.

      • I paid £900 for villa in caleta de fuste 1/2/18 as they said were having trouble with card and then attempted to take pmt on card after i had paid by bank transfer. Whilst i wasnt happy they convinced me not them and i thought all fine as credit card company would not give me exact dtls.
        Tried contacting agents this week but when no response looked on internet and feel well and truly duped
        I take it i have lost my monies

      • They have a lot of negative reviews, here’s one of them…”I booked with them. Unfortunately they were great until there was a problem. Then they were not interested in the slightest. They find complaints rather ‘tiresome’ and there is nothing they can do if there are any problems as they do not live in Tenerife.

        In addition the accommodation was not as described.”

        More negative reviews here: https://goo.gl/ba115w

  30. We where coned out £500 through Arona Sol and a company called lava sands never got a reply off either company just beware of these 2

  31. 8352407 – their off the leg London registration – completely false.
    Check appointments and phone numbers removed from “official” company record.
    Fake villa sales company.
    Bulgarians, pretending to have Italian names.

  32. Are these websites legit please:
    Cv villas
    I’m shocked by the number of scams!!
    We’ve almost been scammed by premierholiday, but didn’t book and saved our money thank to you all!
    What can be done to stop them???

  33. Thank you, admins.
    I’m a bit puzzled though.
    On the site Spain-holiday.com there are couple villas handled by a couple with their own website: celestialvillasmallorca.com
    Their tourism licence appears as pending and none of the villas are already booked for 2018.
    Is this ‘normal’?
    Thank you for your great job in helping us stay safe from scammers

    • Thanks for letting us know Crina.
      We’ll check it out later but in the meantime, look for another service so that you avoid any potential problems.

      • Admin.
        Having been relieved of £2100 by villaswithaview I have tried every avenue to find out what I can do to prevent this happening to anyone else,in the last few days two more people have been caught out ……….. one turned up at the villa today. Can you suggest anything ? My bank Santander are not interested,the website host are not interested,I have posted everywhere I can think of,what else can I do ? Is there a police fraud section anywhere ? Can you track them in any way?

  34. I was just about to book a lovely villa in Majorca with fincas-tempo when I reflected that prices are a bit too good to be true and on top of that a 10% discount was being offered on what is very low price in th first place-still a lot of money though so I thought I should check further. I noticed that there’s no address on the website only a phone number. IP address regs in USA and only 2 months old. Then I find your forum and see the comments. The amount of fake websites is just incredible. I feel so sorry for all of you who have been scammed. Thank you so much to the contributors on this forum, I am really grateful.

  35. Thought you’d like to know that there are a couple of threads running on the Tripadvisor Tenerife forum linking to your site, as showing the most comprehensive list of scam websites. Contributors there are “bumping” the threads every day to keep them on the first page of the forum list. Hopefully, if new websites are mentioned there, someone will come and notify you.

    • Thanks John.
      It’s nice to know that it’s a collective effort and hope it will make a difference in helping to stop people falling for these scam sites.

  36. https://www.amazingholidayvillas.com/

    Reported on Tripadvisor, post #65 on this thread – https://www.amazingholidayvillas.com/

    All the makings of a possible scam site, IMO. Website domain only recently established. And a possible new twist on the payment scam. They claim to take payment by credit card (and, of course, probably would if they are actually not scammers). However, they offer “payment protection” but only if you have paid by bank transfer – which, of course, is a worthless offer if they are scammers.

  37. Hi John
    We did some of our own checks and it does seem odd that the website is a totally different name to the registered business. The domain for the business name is online but no website has been set up for it.
    Another trait I see very often is that many of the scam sites block the ability to copy content and images so that comparisons on other sites are more difficult to do to see if the info was stolen from legitimate websites.
    There is a workaround which we use and I can tell you that we’re even more convinced that this site is a scam.
    Another red flag is that a lot of the pages are not indexed in Google which is sometimes a sign of duplicate content.
    The site is no longer pending. Thanks again John.

  38. Thanks you so much ! was about to part with £2k to amazingholidayvillas.com

    You’ve saved me from a lot of pain – just hope that people don’t fall into the trap they are obviously fake – Lanzarote has very few villas available now for Easter, yet they claim to offer LOTS of top class villas all suspiciously available and all roughly the same price CLEARLY A SCAM !!!!
    Thanks again….

  39. hello looks like we have just been scammed and I came across this after searching for alba klazina. He has changed his website for premier holiday booking to premier villa bookings. Sadly we have lost lots of money. What can we do about this ? How can we ensure others don’t suffer and loose lots of money ?

  40. amazingholidayvillas.com this website is still running on google ads and I think will make a lot of people without money and holiday , let’s report to google as well this website as they do not know …

    • We’ve already reported to Google with strong words and the evidence but Google is very slow to react. They like their money and will do anything to keep anyone paying for adverts, sometimes even when it’s glaringly obvious that the advertiser is a criminal.
      Speaks volumes really.

    • It’s a scam site.
      If they decide to go ahead anyway, make sure you are insured against fraud and keep a receipt so that you can use it in the police report.

  41. I’ve just nearly been ripped off by Juan at VP rentals.
    I am looking for term rental, I smelt a rat when he asked for 6 months upfront and €1000 deposit.

    Then I googled the company and found it on this site..

    Keep up the good work

  42. Thank you for your good work! How good site is this!
    I really hope this company is not a joke:
    Rentals in tenerife

    • Never heard of them.
      Not registered as a business in Spain according to database.
      Domain registered to someone in Basingstoke and Isle of Man.

  43. I think this is a new style scam reported on Tripadvisor. The scammer says he is Shawn Marco Spencer.

    He advertises properties through Tripadvisor (so the victims money is genuinely safe). But then, just before the due date, he says the luxurious villa is no longer available, but he can offer a place at a much lower quality at almost the same price (i.e. – what would now be very expensive for such a place).

    The OP on the Tripadvisor thread says that the guy’s photo is a fake and the original villa couldnt be found.

  44. Showing a lot of availability ? Admin, anyone ever heard of them ?
    It is a 902 phone number, says it will cost £3.50 per minute ..

  45. Can someone please confirm if canary island escapes are genuine/ legitimate in property rentals on Tenerife? I understand they do not accept card payments, only PayPal or bank transfers.

    • Any business that does not accept payment by credit card should be avoided like the plague.
      Having a Facebook page or a website does not mean you are a bona fide business and Paypal only offers protection if you opt for the “Business and Services” option when making any payment through them.
      Selecting the “Friends and Family” option in Paypal does NOT insure you against fraud.

      • Unfortunately I don’t know what to do now as they have already had over £800 deposit paid by PayPal . Now I’m really worried they may not be anything more then a scam. My son said they are showing listed at companies house, do you know more or can you advise? I’m due to send remainder of money to them in couple of weeks.
        I’m very worried.

        • They may well be genuine (assuming this is canaryislandescapes.com). Website has existed since 2012 (scammers usually only run their site for a few weeks/months). And the “feel” of the website seems OK to me, including its presumed UK base (personal opinion of course).

          That said, Admin makes a really good point about credit cards. You have to ask yourself why a legit business, seemingly in the UK, does not take cards. There may be a reason, of course, but it does seem odd. If you do continue and make the payment viaPaypal, make sure you choose the “Business” option to get the fraud protection from Paypal.

          It’s wise to be wary.

  46. Just literally been scammed, wish I read this forum before hand….paid 1600 euros for a week villa rental through Amazing Holiday Villas, were supposed to have a transfer pick us up from the airport and take us to the villa.

    No one there to greet us, party of 9 people including 2 young children, got our own taxi to the villa which was locked, couldn’t gain access to the property so had to check in to a hotel.

    No telephone numbers to call, no response to email, a further 2000 euros on alternative accommodation, not the start to a family holiday we were looking for.

    Sadly, booked in a rush and paid by bank transfer.

    Be careful…..always pay by credit card!

  47. Just got this email from property I booked though home away what should I do???

    Further to our telephone conversation concerning the sale of the villa for your above dates.

    We are very disappointed with the owner as all bookings have been agreed and we were promised they would be honoured. However our main priority at the moment is finding alternative accommodation for your and your party.

    We have the following villas available;

    Villa Jasmin http://www.tenerifevillasonline.co.uk/jasmin2.htm at £1240

    Villa Tropica http://www.tenerifevillasonline.co.uk/tropica.htm at £1540

    Villa Rochelle http://www.tenerifevillasonline.co.uk/rochelle.htm at £1650

    Villa Blanca http://www.tenerifevillasonline.co.uk/blanca.htm at £1750

    Any monies already paid can be transferred free of charge to your new accommodation. Any balance plus or minus can be adjusted at a later stage.

    Please call Shaun on 07495 612475 if you wish to discuss this matter further.

  48. We are getting clients here in Marbella being scammed at the moment by an Adriana Perez Rubia
    I had a couple book two villas for their wedding through them and of course have heard nothing since despite coming here and wanting to visit the villas.
    They paid a deposit to a Nat West bank account in Hull in the name of Jozef Mylnarcik.
    Having looked on this website I can see many villas we use for weddings and of course the prices quoted are a lot less than the actual real rental prices.
    Hope this lot get caught.

  49. There are some tools that would really help with finding out more information about domains being used by scammers for fake rental sites but some of them cost as much as $99 per month and as much as I want to help by frustrating the efforts of these scammers and helping people avoid losing their holiday money, I don’t have the facility to start paying and doing all this for free.
    This is where the scammers ultimately win because the authorities can’t do their job and is left to individuals who can’t finance one man crusades.

    • You’re doing what you can. This is an important site alerting people to possible/probable scammers. But the job of catching and prosecuting them lies with the authorities – the problem is knowing which authorities in which countries are the relevent ones. But keep doing what you’re doing

  50. Admin – a message of encouragement. We are one of the many people you have saved from being scammed. We were about to pay by bank transfer for a villa in Tenerife when we read your list of scammers. Shocked to learn that the website we were booking through was one of the scam websites! But relieved to learn about it before we paid… So ‘Thank You’ for all of your efforts. We subsequently booked with a reputable agent, enjoyed week on the island, and remain grateful to you.

  51. Hi i think i have been scammed by tenerifevillaholidays.com due to fly out on the 27th april for a hen party. They have stopped contact 3 weeks ago. I have paid by money transfer through transfer wise and only just caught on. Devestated is an understatement please help this people get caught!!!

  52. Is teneriferentals.es a genuine site ?
    I know from your list that a similar one ( spelt the same but without an “s” on the end is a scam)


    • The domain was only purchased 2 months ago and is registered to someone by the name of Jennifer TR and the Tech person is Jacob Jensen.
      I find it very deceptive that they decided to add a HomeAway logo on the site and it’s probably illegal to do that.
      No address, no phone number, what were you thinking.:)
      I’m sure the tax office reading this page will be checking it out but if I were you, I would seriously reconsider your decision.

    • Registered to the name of Tenerife Villa to someone who is a sole trader in Manchester,UK since 2016.
      If they are listed on the main websites, make sure you use their internal payment systems.
      If you are forced to pay outside the main websites, only pay by credit card and if using Paypal, make sure you opt for the goods and services option so that you are covered.

    • I have just been scammed out of £4200 ! I have booked a villa with them for July but they have stopped replying to my emails.. My partner tried to book the same villa on the same week and they have said it is available. I would love to stop these criminals from hurting any more people

  53. Hello Guys , please have a look at this new scam website .. https://www.sunny-spain.com/

    The prices are a little bit higher than usual but they have only 7 days of up and running if you look over the domain history so I am afraid the are getting up again .

    Report this scammers !!

    • We have alao booked a house via seasideluxuryrentals for this summer. Payed about 3400 euro to a company called free summer holidays SL. Thankful for more information so we can take legal action before our holiday begins.

    • We have also made a booking via seasideluxuryrentals for this summer. Everything seemed so serious and we thought we were careful. We’ve paid 3400 euro to “the owners” FREE SUMMER HOLIDAYS SL. Would be grateful for more information so we can take legal action before our holiday begins.

      • And who would you take legal action against ? the scammers don’t have an address or a company, they could be anywhere in the world and just run a website with copied images and text from genuine websites, contact is by email and have set up numerous bank accounts which they swiftly close. The authorities could catch them with a few sting operations but no-one seems interested. Sorry to hear about this. Presumably you have contacted your Bank to see if they can get the money back – sometimes the scammers wait a few days before taking the money out.

  54. sunny-spain.com certainly looks iffy. Website only established in recent days and payment required by bank transfer.

    On the other hand, I see nothing obviously iffy on the website of seasideluxuryrentals.com. Website established some years back, for example. I assume Erdie is the person who posted on Tripadvisor’s Tenerife forum about both companies. Over there. I’ve asked for more info that’s led her/him to conclude these are actually scammers.


  55. Estate Luxury Home

    Same crooks running other websites. Do not be fooled by it being a domain established in 2009, that makes no difference. The crooks wait for an old unwanted domain name to expire then transfer it to them, very easy to do.
    This is frankly a very poor fake website, simply a copy and paste from other ones. Very easy to find the real villas on other sites they have simply copied images and descriptions from.

  56. Just book with this company hoping this is not a scam
    as I paid £300 deposit through bank transfer which i read after not to do
    Really worried

  57. I have just been scammed out of £4200.00 by http://www.luxuryVillaLifestyle.com
    “Adriana Perez Budia”
    Property Manager Luxury Holiday Lifestyle
    Villa Specialist LUXURY HOLIDAYS SL
    C/ Comunera Maria Pacheco 52 Bl.5 Bajo B
    29640 Fuengirola Malaga Spain

    They have stopped answering my emails but when my partner tried to book the same villa at the same time they replied to her immediately.


  58. I have just been scammed by seasideluxuryrentals.com. Lost several thousand euros for a villa in Ibiza. Some guy calling himself Tony Harinck was in contact very frequently until yesterday when he said there had been an explosion at the villa, unable to find an alternative for us and would refund. Now the website is down and no responses to my emails. This site only listed this address a couple days after I booked, so unfortunately it didn’t come in time for me. I hope it helps someone else. Looks like some hours with the police when I get to Spain. Good luck everyone!

    • Really sorry to hear this Katie. Try contacting the bank to see if they can do something. I presume it was paid for by bank transfer?
      I hope you find a way to get something back.

    • Katie, could you please update on whether you have gotten your money back? I am currently dealing with the same company and I am worried that the money is long gone…

    • Worried I am scammed by the same company. Katie, can you please update? Have you got your money back or heard anything from Tony?

  59. canarianholidaystyle.com tried to cancel the booking for 1 Sep 2018 but they didn’t give us a refund. I didnt see on their website the cancelation policy. so we will check in but not all our party group

    • Iain, this was a website only set up 26 July 2018, if you right click/download the image of the villa you believe you have booked, then upload it onto a google image search, you may well find the villa on another website.

  60. We booked through FiveStarsVillaRentals, paid our money, when we landed in Santorini today, no one met us, we were left high and dry after forming out $4500.
    What do we do now, the person dealing with us goes by the name of Jerry.

  61. Hi admin can you help me I see you have relaxatlewis.com listed on here as scam I have just booked a villa for December and sent money via transferwise got 10percent discount paid in full now I’m really worried can you please help phone number goes straight to answer phone and transfers to mobile still answering emails so I’m confused what to do next I don’t want to be left with no where to stay please helpful

  62. Spainrentholidays.com
    Has anyone used this website to book a villa? The website seems legit, but I can’t find anything about the company or anything off their website. All the reviews for the villas are 5 star and I can’t find any of the reviewers on any social media platforms. I’ve done my research and come up with nothing good or bad, so I’m wary right now. Can anyone put my mind thank you

  63. Hello, now I am dealing with holidays-canaryvillas.com
    They really looks like real agency, nothing shows that they are scam. How could i check them?

  64. You need to buy some software to do some checks so I don’t know if you want to spend a few hundred dollars just to check one website.
    The site is on our list and if you still feel you need to check then I don’t think we can help you.
    Good luck.:)

    • Thanks Harters.:)
      The domain for pillowabroad.com was registered a couple of years ago in 2016.
      The earliest instance of the website appearing online was in April of 2017.
      According to the poster on TA, the company has over 19 years experience and yet the website is only a couple of years old.
      I’m sure I’ve seen them advertising on Google just as I’ve seen several scam sites advertising on Google.
      I don’t see anything in Google Maps resembling an inmobiliaria and the street looks more residential than anything else.
      The whole point of the portals is to safeguard users and protect them from fraud.
      Most of these portals have a large team dedicated to checking properties and compliance to certain standards.
      If anyone is trying to divert users away from secure sites then the only thing they try to use is the idea of getting it cheaper because of not having to pay the commission the portals charge but the whole point of the commission is to save you from losing everything.
      My advice, pay the extra money to be protected against potential fraud.

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