Website Scam by Michael Mason in Tenerife

Michael Mason website scam Tenerife


Michael Mason website scam Tenerife

Hoping this will be published because I think you have a right to know about someone called Michael Mason who has basically ripped me off for the past year.

I commissioned him to create a website with it’s own booking system for our holiday apartments. A year down the line & still nothing! We have paid him 250€ every month to host something that has never worked plus an up front payment of 1000€!

When I refused to give him any more money, he switched it off which wasn’t a loss as it never generated ANYTHING.

This is the message I sent to him……………………….

“Hi there Michael – yet again we are back to square one with no database, no website & nothing working & let’s be blunt – it never has! I feel extremely upset that this project has never got off the ground despite me paying nearly 4,000€ to you!

Yet again, MY website has been turned off because I refuse to throw yet more money away to a never ending pit of nothingness.”


Publisher’s Note:

The name of the site “What No Website” says it all really.
This type of behaviour is not professional and I use the term loosely because truth be told, he never was one. Unethical is a better word to use in this case but leopards and spots, you know the deal.

There’s a large amount of dross online, and Michael Mason forms part of it.




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