Website Scam by Michael Mason in Tenerife

Michael Mason website scam Tenerife


Michael Mason website scam Tenerife

Hoping this will be published because I think you have a right to know about someone called Michael Mason who has basically ripped me off for the past year.

I commissioned him to create a website with it’s own booking system for our holiday apartments. A year down the line & still nothing! We have paid him 250€ every month to host something that has never worked plus an up front payment of 1000€!

When I refused to give him any more money, he switched it off which wasn’t a loss as it never generated ANYTHING.

This is the message I sent to him……………………….

“Hi there Michael – yet again we are back to square one with no database, no website & nothing working & let’s be blunt – it never has! I feel extremely upset that this project has never got off the ground despite me paying nearly 4,000€ to you!

Yet again, MY website has been turned off because I refuse to throw yet more money away to a never ending pit of nothingness.”


Publisher’s Note:

The name of the site “What No Website” says it all really.
This type of behaviour is not professional and I use the term loosely because truth be told, he never was one. Unethical is a better word to use in this case but leopards and spots, you know the deal.

There’s a large amount of dross online, and Michael Mason forms part of it.


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  1. So pleased to find this in the public domain. The client posted into a number of private and closed Facebook groups in a vain attempt to curry favour with what amounts to anyone who is willing to listen to one side of the story. So, now for some facts.

    Fact 1:
    The client posted into a group on Facebook asking for a web designer. I was tagged and recommended not once but numerous times.

    Fact 2:
    I went and spoke with the client, I advised that what they were proposing was possibly illegal due to letting laws in Tenerife and they assured me they were operating well within the law. That’s still a bone of contention with me and I suspect the motive behind early cancellation of the project.

    Fact 3:
    At no point have I ever or would I ever and would I ever demand an “up front payment of 1000€”.

    The client mailed me referencing a sum of 4,000€ which surprised me so I looked into our billing system to see that the total amount invoiced was in fact only 1,659.93€ (which actually includes another project we completed for the client).

    Fact 4:
    After agreeing a 12 month contract to “re-start” the so called failed project in September of 2017 the website was completed and is actually fully functional. meets all the client requirements that were originally agreed with one exception: The client has to login and manually approve a booking. It was designed this way as the client is still using a paper based system to book holiday lets, again perhaps due to the grey area they operate in. That’s a matter for the Hacienda though not me (See Fact 2).

    Fact 5:
    The 2nd project, the one we agreed to start in September has a quotation that the client agreed to. In this quotation it clearly states that there is a minimum term of 12 months. The client was informed verbally and numerous times in writing. The client has reneged on this contract.

    Fact 6:
    I spoke with the client at length about their requirements to automatically accept bookings, take payments and block properties out and warned that having two systems managing bookings would cause problems. Notwithstanding this I pursued this course and the code was due to be released in the next few weeks that allowed this to be done.

    Now, I appreciate that not everyone can afford professional services or indeed hand coded websites. We’ve designed systems that ran into the 10’s of thousands of dollars and these systems work well to this day. As mentioned above, is actually fully functional and can take bookings and I can only guess as to why the client reneged on the contract.

    We have other clients using property platforms and booking systems that are more than happy with the results they received but rather than drag them into what will ultimately end in a negative outcome for the client I would ask that others pop over to the website and judge for themselves:

    Is it functional
    Does it look finished

    Of-course you can’t make a reservation and pay, that would mean that Santa Maria are operating illegally by taking money from people for holiday lets in Tenerife.
    However, if you like what you see we’d be prepared to release the code to anyone who would be interested as we now own the intellectual property due to the client reneging on their contract.

    • When we checked the domain a couple of days ago, it was up for sale at some silly price or was that just your way of forcing your client’s hand?
      I see you’ve quickly rearranged it so that the site is now visible but the fact that you went to the length of putting the domain up for sale was uncalled for.
      I strongly recommend you read “Client Management for Dummies”.
      You’ll thank me for it some day.

    • Don’t be too harsh on Michael Mason.
      He’s done his best to give details in his response to the post made by Denise and hopefully they’ll find a solution to the problem.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and hope you get well soon.

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